the Faerie God Princess

Draikisa Reine Desrosiers

Raised by the Faeries in Faerieland before it fell, she has learned the secret of their magic and practices. Always compassionate for the needy, Draikisa has created a name for herself in Draikicia as a just and kind princess. She is strong, regal, and kind.
When her training with the faeries was complete she was assigned 3 charges to help their wishes come true, and since she's done so well; she has hundreds of charges that she now watches over. When she's not assisting her charges, Draikisa tends her garden outside the castle in Draikcia's capital.


charitable | loyal | passionate | steadfast

  • Pronunciation: dreɪk/isa/ ren duh roh szai
  • Gender: ♀
  • Birthdate: 10th July (Y18)
  • Paintday: 15th July (Y18)
  • Color: Royal
  • Species: Dragon (Draik)
  • Type: Drakynire
  • Breath: Caustic Fire
  • Life Stage: Noble (age 5,001-10,000 Years)
  • Abilities: Sorcery, Dragonosis, Dragon Charm
  • Companion: Princess Ember the Kazeriu
  • Homeland: Draikicia
  • Occupation: Faerie Princess
  • Alignment: Metallic
  • Personality Type:
  • Zodiac: Air Faerie, Wave, Dandan, Draivyrn, 8
  • Relatives: Draisklye (Cousin), Sister

  • Name Meanings

    Draikisa (Concocted: Dragon and Kaisa {Finnish for Pure})

    Reine (French: queen);

    Desrosiers (French: from the rose bushes)

    Art by dgirl1312

    A Revolution's Consequences

    Never did she think it would come to this, surely the people would see sense. Surely the threats were hollow and only said in anger... But she was wrong. They destroyed the castle, and overthrew the monarchy, with the king, herself, and their infant daughter being some of the only escapees from the carnage.
    Now, they flew, taking turns carrying their little girl through the night, hoping to find a safe place to hide, if not themselves, then only her. But where in Neopia would be safe from these wild creatures that used to be their countrymen?
    As dawn broke, and a ray of sunshine lit up her infant daughter's lavender locks, a thought struck her so hard she about fell out of the sky; of course, Faerieland. They pride themselves on their neutrality.
    She turned to her husband to tell him her thought, when she noticed dark blots in the star studded sky behind them; They hadn't gotten away as cleanly as they'd thought after all...

    Draikisa's Parents

    Queen Draisilla

    (Lady Guinevere; sans Lancelot/Mordred)

    Always described as a beautiful lady, she is also praised for her intelligence, friendliness, and gentility. An ambitious and strong-willed woman, she is a great support to Draikomir and they develop a strong marriage after being crowned.

    When Draikomir went to Carmariller to ask for Draisilla to marry him, he told King Draigrance all he wanted was to marry Draisilla. When King Draigrance was told of Draikomir's royal birth, he agreed to allow his daughter to marry Draikomir. Draisilla's father then gave Draikomir a roundtable and one-hundred good knights as dowry.

    They stem from esteemed houses with an ancient and deserving history who work together in their effort to best serve their beloved and beautiful country -- doing whatever is needed to quell threats to it, however wearisome it is. Their work is made all the easier since they never lie, much less betray each other, though they must resolve occasional conflicts with others in their courtly circles. Their artless dignity is often hard to imitate.

    The Capitol City basically started out as a composition of trade hubs and private realms of noble houses. With their exquisite taste, the court is quite charming. An occasional Masquerade Ball, feast, or other festivity help them relax after a hard day of fulfilling their duty to their loyal citizens is done.

    The court here is that group of not-so noble Nobles who hang around the corridors of power. They are dissolute, dissipated, degenerate, depraved — let's just sum it up as "decadent" — to such an extent that every thing they touch becomes corrupted. The country they are ruling is heading for doom while they play their spiteful little courtly games.

    All the major nobles in the current court are out to get the King and Queen, who end up as the target of two assassination plots by the jealous nobility. Nobles' political power and status was highly dependent on their wit. The Aristocracy is perpetually involved in "The Game", constantly vying for increased influence in the court through pretty much any means possible. The losers of the Game; are exiled and shamed.

    King Draikomir

    (King Uther/Arthur; sans Merlin/SitS/Holy Grail)

    As a young man, Uther conquered Draikicia (Harris) and became its king. Dedicated to the protection and preservation of his kingdom, he was highly courageous, honourable, dutiful and a just ruler. A king who greatly respected his allies and utterly detested his enemies. Draikomir brought all the respective leaders of the lands together for peace talks. He was instrumental in mapping out what is now known as the five kingdoms of Draikicia; all united beneath his rule.

    A talented and charismatic leader, capable of inspiring great loyalty in people, though at times he doubts whether or not he deserves such devotion. He considers his decisions very deeply and is never happy to be the reason others suffer. He willingly takes counsel from his trusted friends, family and advisors.

    The Earl of Pepito and Duke of Tomamu, who were secretly in league with the Baron of Alabriss, was trying to off the Count of Tyrowbee (a staunch supporter of the K&Q) by giving him a deathtrap "promotion" to take control of a flailing production operation that he surely had no hope of turning around. When the Count failed, and was exiled, his position was filled by the Marquess of Baraga. It was these four that successfully dethroned the King and Queen.

    Their power and rank stripped from them by the religious leaders of the church, Draikomir and Draisilla were in the West wing of the castle under guard until their gruesome end the following morning. However; their dear friend; the Viscountess stowed them away in the laundry along with their secret joy. A baby was due; but the King and Queen had yet to tell the court of the news when they had been surreptitiously deposed. As they flew off into the night; the alarm went up, and the Viscountess drew the guards to her and sent them on a wild Kepru chase in the other direction.

    Little Draikisa

    In the protected gardens of Faerieland castle, a little girl pretended to be queen reigning over her loyal subjects, a small tea party with distinguished guests, such as lady Faellie plushie, Lord Spardel plushie, and the revered Sir Plumpy in attendance; it was a high affair.
    "hear ye, hear ye! All bow before Queen Draikisa!" she proclaimed gruffly impersonating the court herald. "Lady of the flowers, Protector of the clouds, Sorceress of the Faerie dust!"
    "Thank you, kind --" she started.
    "Well here you are princess!" exclaimed her nursemaid Tyleine, "It's time for the royal bath!"
    "But Tyleine, I just got started holding court! Can't it wait?" Draikisa pleaded.

    **something here that shows why Draikisa becomes a Faerie godmother**

    like Moana is drawn to the ocean, Draikisa could be drawn to the Faerie magic.

    she’s not rebellious but this is just one act of rebellion. There’s lots of characters that aren’t really rebels that end up having to make rebellious choices with lots of concern and worry on their part. (I’m currently thinking of Rapunzel from Tangled and how she felt she was a bad daughter after she snuck out of the tower).



    20ft tall at shoulders; over 100ft long; 120 ft from wing tip to wing tip; quadrupedal. Skin looks leather-like, but is broken into skin-like scales. Royal purple with darkening towards spine and extremities. Body coloring is splotchy, with her belly being lighter.
    Hollow boned like birds, and have a 'flight' bladder much like a fish's swim bladder. Fins running along spine all the way to her spearhead tail. She has mauve-ish purple hair with some lavender highlights. Blue eyes that have a vertical slit.
    Draikisa's mouth features powerful jaws, a forked tongue, and sharp teeth. This includes four well-developed fangs (two upper, two lower) that curve slightly inward and have cutting edges on both the inner and outer surfaces.


    Royal Girl Draik.
    Mauve-ish purple medium length curly hair with some lavender; almost periwinkle highlights. Large blue eyes; hooded with mauve lids, vivaciously purple leathery skin. Floral covered transparent wings with lavender edges.
    Height: 118 cm Weight: 94 lbs.


    Short to medium height; at 5' 5" tall. Very thin and lithe, with smooth warm skin. Mauve-ish purple medium length curly hair with some lavender; almost periwinkle highlights. Large blue eyes; pink delicate lips set into a heart shaped face.

    Fae Institute of Arcania “ Faerie Godmothers are NOT made overnight. ”

    Growing in Wisdom is the heart of being a faerie godmother in-training. Everything they do- both at the Faerie Godmother Academy and in their daily life- can bring Wisdom to those really looking. As they find these treasures, they honor them and keep them safe in their own beautiful handmade book.


    This is the largest group of training, and not every novice makes it to the next level. Many hopefuls drop out when they realize they are not magical enough, and not focused on creating good for others as they thought they might be. The skills learned in this level are more complex than many typical sorcerors learn at their top levels.

    FGITs in this level of training do not leave the academy grounds. They eat, live, breathe, faerie magic until it infuses them with strength and grace.

    Skills needed to graduate to the next level


    After completing the Novice level of training, Apprentices are assigned a Faerie Godmother to shadow. (which literally means they hide in her shadow miniaturized when she attends to her charges.) They observe and experience caretaking in person.

    The study of magic and the arcane arts have really began in earnest for this stage of training. Most Apprentices are found in the Faerieland library poring over the mounds of texts or in the Institute's courtyard spell-safe, practicing their spellwork.

    Skills needed to graduate to the next level


    At this level, you are our in the world, heling Neopets live their Happily Ever after, and you start putting together your own 'Faerie Wisdom book' to pass on your experiences to the FGITs behind you.

    This is the rank of most Faerie Godmother's; as they are fully capable of granting wishes, dreams and helping others. They have their trained wand, wings and bag of magical trinkets to complete their tasks.

    Most Faerie Godmothers do not ascend above this level of training...

    Skills needed to graduate to the next level


    The best of the best, the highest trained, and usuall the most experienced; Master Faerie Godmothers are a force to be reckoned with. They teach at the Institute in their twilight years, but more often than not; during the prime of their lives, they are the driving energy behind the biggest happenings in history.

    Almost on a divine level, there is not much a Master can no do or bring into being. They are prohibited from creation, or manipulation of love. Although there have been some that were corrupted, this happens only in extremely rare occasions, are always beaten with the forces of light.

    Skills needed to complete training

    • Benevolence Inducement
    • Life-Force Manipulation
    • Cosmic Awareness
    • Actuality Manipulation
    • Chronokinesis
    • Teleportation
    • Arcane Immunity
    • Wand Transcendence

    Faerie Godmother Academy - Learning how to bring other's dreams into reality -

    FGITs live in Faerieland Castle and we learn from the strongest Faerie of all; Fyora. She is our main teacher, although we learn from all of the main faeries. We take classes like Princess 101, Music Lessons, Royal Etiquette, and Proper ways to cast spells. All of us were hand picked by the Fairy Godmother herself because of our love of Neopia and our belief in the magic of faerie dust.

    Student Roster

    A faerie godmother is a faerie with magical powers who acts as a mentor or parent to someone, in the role that an actual godparent was expected to play in many societies. Fairy godmother acts in a manner atypical of fairies in actual folklore belief; they are preoccupied with the character and fortunes of their human protegees, whereas fairies in folklore had their own interests. Whenever events are right for a fairy tale to recur, the relevant Fairy Godmother steps in to make sure that the tale in question runs its course with as few fatalities as possible.

    Novice Faerie Godmother

    After a late night of studying the intricacies of wand use in the library and about the past doings of Queen Fyora; Draikisa had slept through her alarm... again.
    She leaped out of bed and flew to the bathroom to try and tame the lavender mop that was supposed to be her mane on her head. As she tugged the brush through the knotted mess, she realized something else...

    "Oh Scales! Today is the Wand Exam!"
    She tied her curls into a hasty knot at the base of her neck, then raced to grab her FGiT robe; grabbed her books and rushed out the door -- only to return to grab her wand and then flew out the window to get her tail to the exam podium before it was *too* much later.
    The wind whipped her robes around her as she flew to the Faerie castle; the sky had turned steely grey and the clouds promised rain. *I hope I beat this storm* she thought irately to herself. This is not turning out to be the glorious day that Draikyla's cards had foretold.
    She snuck around to the back entrance of the Exam Hall, hoping to slip in unnoticed; but this bad luck streak of hers continued when the Proctor loudly asked her if she was finally ready to join the group and get started. She politely told the Proctor that she was and apologized for her tardiness. As she was called up to the podium, Draikisa took a deep breath and started chanting in Faerie, hoping that this test wasn't her last...

    To Do List & Accomplishments

    Customisations - and closet -

    FGiT: Apprentice
    DW P: Broken Heart Tiara and Wig
    Lavender Faerietale Dress
    Translucent Faerie Wings
    Glass Shoes with Flower
    Jewel Encrusted Faerie Wand
    Rolling Clouds Effect
    Faerie Dust Shower
    DW P: Golden Scattered Light Garland
    DW P: Amongst the Clouds Background
    FGiT: Novice Wand Work
    DW P: Broken Heart Tiara and Wig
    Lavender Faerietale Dress
    Translucent Faerie Wings
    Glass Shoes with Flower
    Jewel Encrusted Faerie Wand
    Dazzling Faerie Rainbow
    Nostalgic Faerieland Archway
    Nostalgic Faerieland Background
    FGiT: Apprentice
    DW P: Broken Heart Tiara and Wig
    Fyoras Eyeshadow
    Floral Pattern Faerie Wings
    Fyoras Collectors Dress
    Ombre Ballet Shoes
    Delicate Earth Faerie Wand
    Neopian Clouds Garland
    DW k: Feet in the Clouds Foreground
    DW P: Cloud Castle Background
    FGiT: Apprentice Garden
    DW P: Broken Heart Tiara and Wig
    Fyoras Eyeshadow
    Floral Pattern Faerie Wings
    Fyoras Collectors Dress
    Ombre Ballet Shoes
    Bundle of Books
    DW P: Butterfly Shower
    Faerieland Gazebo
    Leafy Green Tree
    Pink Peony Field Background

    FGiT: Adept
    DW P: Broken Heart Tiara and Wig
    Fyoras Eyeshadow
    Floral Pattern Faerie Wings
    Flowing Floral Dress
    DW P: Deadly Beauty Rose
    Faerie Dust Shower
    Mountain Wildflower fg
    Blushing Birch Tree
    Double Rainbow Background
    FGiT: Adept Garden
    DW P: Broken Heart Tiara and Wig
    Fyoras Eyeshadow
    Floral Pattern Faerie Wings
    Flowing Floral Dress
    Magical Illuminating Wand
    Giant Jacaranda Tree
    Faerieland Gazebo
    Blue Field Background
    Faerie Godmother: Master
    Lavender Bun
    Fyoras Eyeshadow
    Purple Faerie Tale Wings
    Diamond Bracelet
    Diamond Party Shoes
    Colourful Flower Dress
    Magical Flower Orb
    DW P: Faerie Dust Shower
    DW P: Golden Scattered Light Garland
    Feet in the Clouds Foreground
    Pink Mountain and Cloud Background
    Draikisa: Corrupted
    DW B: Broken Heart Tiara and Wig
    Dark Faerie Eye Shadow
    Scritch Scratch Makeup
    Deluxe Dark Faerie Wings
    Gothic School Girl Tights and Boots
    Black Lace-Up Gloves
    Dark Faerie Gown
    Wraith Staff
    Deep Dark Shrubbery
    Creeping Purple Fog
    Dark Rolling Clouds
    Malicious Dark Faeries Background

    Neopian Form

    Drawn by the lovely Bianca P.

    Dragon Form

    by the amazing sliver_tooth

    Human Form

    azaleasdolls.com by the amazing Alana! (kalepaw) recolor.me rinmarugames.com

    Toy Box

    Khimeros by pidgepudge on dA