This page lists all of my Draik's profile blurbs in one location. It is my reference point for building my new family's story and future.
I recently got bitten by the Draik-bug and am working towards trading/adopting out my current pets (except my main's) for Draiks.

This page will serve as a quick breakdown of the characters in the works for the Draik Project. Any draiks marked with an asterisk are already in their complete form. (although the images kind of give that away as well.)

From the period of 28Jun2016 and 2Sept2016 I exchanged (via hand creation, trading and adopting) 18 pets. I am still in the process of getting every one of them settled.

Draiqh The Draik that started it all, she started out as a FFQ dream, a Maraquan Draik and stayed that way for 3 years, then I spent over 8m to cross paint her with almost every color that had clothes before using the Faerie paint brush.

An imaginative idealist, guided by her own core values and beliefs. To a her, possibilities are paramount; the realism of the moment is only of passing concern. She sees potential for a better future, and pursues truth and meaning with an individual flair. Draiqh believes that each person must find their own path. She enjoys spending time exploring her own ideas and values, and gently encouraging to others to do the same.
Draiqh likes to read, and has been working on her book badges.

The destroyer of worlds, he is commanded by an unknown entity that feeds on suffering. This draik travels the galaxies and lands and does the most hurtful and nastiest crimes against the good hearted that is possible to accomplish. He only uses his powers for evil to protect his home an family, as the entity holds them hostage against his performance. It has been eons since he's seen home, and the brutalness of his existence has made him numb to any feelings he may have had.

Not right in the head, this secretive creature hides in caves and avoids direct sunlight at all costs. He has a hoard of worthless treasure that he protects from discovery.
In the past, this draik led a normal life, but the chance finding of a small trinket led to a mutation of his inner and outer selves into the hideousness that is visible to the eye. Strangers speak of this odd creature after travelling through his territory and always tell of his constant mumbling....

my precious, yes, you are my precious.

Thank you Tricia!

Just a simple beach girl, she got addicted to winning surfing championships. She now travels all around Neopia to compete in both surfing and snowboarding trials and cups.
At one point in time, there was contention over whether it was a fair match with her being a creature of the water, but it was proven that she was actually at a disadvantage being that above the surface she has to work harder to walk and breath than her competitors.

He is a death Nymph; warped from a forest nymph and twisted in the absence of light and good; he only causes death and destruction in his wake. Daylight is one of his very few weaknesses; so he avoids it by staying in the Haunted Woods and only emerging from his lair by night.
He is the force behind the ruin of Sparkly Lake Forest.

Draimien's trouble is that he only values himself as an ornamental creature. He doesn't recognize his own beauty until he sees it reflected in the magic portrait.
Draimien takes a kind of perverse delight in seeing just how depraved and corrupt his secret soul is. When he's anxious about the portrait, it's not because of guilt; rather, it's due to fear that people will discover his secret. And the most terrible secret of all? It's not the painting itself, but what Draimien's treatment of the painting represents.

Born in the magical hours that are neither night nor day, this sweet Draik was granted magical abilities and charged with the protection of the realms. She is only able to materialize during the twilight hours, but acts as a guardian for all other nymphs and their homes.
A gentle, caring, complex and highly intuitive individual. Artistic and creative, she lives in a world of hidden meanings and possibilities. She knows things intuitively, without being able to pinpoint why, and without detailed knowledge of the subject at hand. She is usually right, and she knows it. She has a tendency to ignore other people's opinions. Draikyla is a natural nurturer; patient, devoted and protective.

You could call him the most eligible bachelor in Meridell, but you'll stop as soon as you meet this royal pain. Prince Draikslye is thoroughly accustomed to being treated like royalty and that he possesses no sense of chivalry whatsoever.
He is a skeptic, a Draik who mocks love. is cynical; perhaps he doesn't necessarily believe in the idea of true love. More so, Draikslye is even outright hostile towards females in general.
He's a clean freak. And apparently, a neat freak as well. He's much too concerned about his outward appearance. He prefers things that are uncommon.

Her beauty and intelligence has lead to hundreds of suitors seeking her hand in marriage but she stubbornly refuses any proposals made to her. Spoiled and very wealthy, Princess Draikisa does not like being told what to do.
Always compassionate for the needy, Draikisa has created a name for herself in Meridell as a just and kind princess. She has also made more than a few enemies at court, however.

She is currently studying magic under Roberta's tutelage.

This Dark Pirate likes to play Dubloon Disaster. Obsessively. He also has an unhealthy like for Double Stuffed Guppies and the book Daring Draiks. When he isn't ransacking innocent Islanders ships, he is counting his collected Dubloons. No one really knows what he is collecting them for, or how many he has. This Draik has been described as maniacal, radical, wicked, and zealous. He never does the expected, and is bored by those that do.

Born in the deepest parts of the planet, this angry Dragon wants only destruction. Having never met another soul in his long existence, when he finally breaks through to the surface and meets another dragon it will be an event...
Magma dragons are capable of withstanding the intense temperatures of their element. They live in volcanic regions, their bodies coated in the red hot magma which clings to their scales. They must leave the lava fields in order to hunt, requiring surprisingly little food to sustain their lumbering mass.
His most deadly weapon however is his Brimstone Dragonfire which burns so bright that nothing but cinders remains of whatever it touches.

The result of a terrible experiment of Dr Sloth, this draik has lost his mind and babbles in a language no one understands. So far he hasn't caused any dangerous situations, but that may just be a matter of time, as he is incredibly unpredictable.
He wears spacegear so that he can breathe normal atmoshpere, and his wings have been replaced with machines.

Reapers are divine supernatural beings. They are responsible for escorting deceased souls to the afterlife, and they refuse – or are unable – to tell the deceased what awaits them, reapers allow the deceased to choose to accompany them, or to remain in the Veil as ghosts, which eventually leads to the spirit becoming a vengeful spirit.
Her origins are un-clear, and it is also unknown what relationship, if any, she has to other beings in the world. A reaper's true form appears to be incorporeal and spirit-like, with a ethereal aura surrounding them. Invisible to humans unless the person is near death or in spirit/astral projection form. May also become visible at her own discretion to mortals.

A relic of times past, this monster has emerged from an accidental sleep. he was a scourge on the tibes of ancient times, and has begun spreading his illness again.
As King of the Drakes, he is extremely powerful. Took leadership away from Gashrok, the leader of a group of brutes in northern Tyrannia. Under Draizurd's leadership almost every village was taken under control and every resident was either sold as a slave or conscripted into his army. His righthand cast a spell that was meant to affect the enemy, but caused Draizurd to fall into a death-like sleep that halted his horde's progress in it's tracks.

Thank you Taye!

Born in the middle of a freak snow storm in a forgotten jungle kingdom; this lady has always been cold; to the touch and in the heart. She has retreated to her isolated castle deep in the heart of the dread mountains (the opposite pole from terror mountain, and no where near as cheery)
She desires nothing more than her solitude. Not even any maids reside in her chill fortress; and any trespassers into her domain are never seen again; no one knows why or what happens, only that they disappear...

The scourge of the Neopian seas; this water draik is sneaky and vicious. She gleefully sinks ships at every opportunity and leaves no trace, as she is made of the water. Tales are told of her evilness and vile.
She was once part of the Sparkly Lake Forest, but when that was invaded she lost her mind to her quest for revenge.

She was once part of the Sparkly Lake Forest, but when that was invaded she lost her home and friends. As a result, she suffered traumatic amnesia and roams the Neopian forests seeking her identity, helping those she can with her nymph magic.

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