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Name: Rose Lee
Age: ~35-45 years
Zodiac: Scorpio / Boar
Gender: Female
Location: Alaska, United States

Started Playing: March 25, 2008

Hobbies: Astronomy, Biology, Character Development,
Dragons, Faeries, History, Mythology, Writing

Status: Neomail: Open | Neofriends: Closed to strangers | Guilds: Closed | Challenges: Closed | UFT: NONE

NC Trading: http://impress.openneo.net/user/3676-Rosemmary/closet







Secret Avatars 333/350


500 evens

Finish Pages

Dream Pets

(if we get even more slots)
Hover for a very basic character idea for each pet.
Darigan Skeith
Tyrannian Skeith
Darigan Pteri
Faerie Techo



Been working on updating pages and CSS all across the Dynasty, and today was this page's turn; and I tweaked a few things. Made all the pet images smaller, added the 'Rose Pet' section, and a toybox for Mary herself. I've recently finished sesamme, and chipotleh; in additon to my main's pet CSS codes. Also made up a custom petpage for each character down the road. Have a 'Neo-DEX' all pet listing in the works that will bring all the adopts, art, characters, ref-sheets and more into one easy to view page. Trying to work on at least one 'card' each month.


Up to no good; as usual. Fell in love with a pet I'd been avoiding, so had to work up for him. I made an untaken RW from Kate's list, which I traded for a vwned t2, and then Bitter (who had traded for Slove, so he wouldn't be permied while I was trading up) accepted that offer, and Dragons_love came to live here with the rest of the dragon dynasty ♥


Gave Zax to my son, and traded a custom for Zioet! Now Zeoti has a perfect mirror image! Thank you so much for your patience Kayla!
Still working on profiles; but making progress with pet lookups. Will probably tackle the character directory after those are done, hoping to spend less time each newbie's profile. Already made each name graphic, so just need to do some basic info and track an adoptable for each one.


Finally got around to editing this and updating it with the EIGHTY ONE pets I now own! Crazy. Dust is settling, and they all have their main customisations done. Working on petprofiles, and petpets, then character workups, and pages.
I've managed to get all of the draik colors that I like, and some I tolerate; there are 4 left; and I don't have that many slots, lol.


Bitter is an amazing person. A good hooman. But she needs to stop making me cry, lol. Today she swapped sonixx_xxxxxxx for Solnitoe. My Skeef fam is complete.
Things are calming down after slot insanity, and I have made and painted most of the characters I'd had floating around in my head for the last two years.


PET SLOTS!!!!!!!! Definitely got max slots on all 5 accounts. Major update to pet listing below.


Bitter is an amazing person. A good hooman.
I know that's how I started the last update, but it is just worth repeating. I had been working with someone to get Shy, and they traded her out from under me; and Bitter went and offered one of her pets to nameswap for Geni, so now I have Shy, who I'd been chasing off and on since February. I am so lucky to be friends with such a kind hearted and wholesome person, who matches my wierd. Online friends can be better than IRL BFFs.
Welcome home Shyraea, I am so glad to add you to the Dragon Dynasty. ♥


Bitter is an amazing person. A good hooman. Thank you for soni
Went ahead and canceled the BLATHERSKITE project, going to have a Zevil&Zangel instead.
It's been a busy month, spent a lot of Nov writing for NANOWRIMO, and now attempting Doodlecember. Added an art page, and moved the avatar/goal page. (might move avatars&goals back to this page, idk.)


Finished another trip around the sun; thank you to everyone that went around with me ♥
One of the things that my amazing tribe gifted me this year was art; and now I have a cute chibi of me and 3 of my pets to use everywhere, thank you Kate!
I managed to add THREE UCs to the fam this year, which means that a few of my Draiks are hanging out with hubs and sis (thanks guys!)


I've more or less been on hiatus since May, not happy with TNT and their money milking attitude. Excited about pet slots and re-UCs are on the way; but withholding judgement to see how things play out, since beta customisation is *STILL* broken after being forced on the site last December.
Figured I should update, since I swapped Tylin for Foli, and made Feli to go with him.


I've worked on at least a dozen different layouts and themes for this page. And I think I am going with this one. I had planned for it to be updated around my DOB back in Nov; but that didn't happen. So, here we are.

Moved Avatars to it's own page. Working on updating the Dragon Diagram, I think I finally nailed down a layout for that. dragoNET got a face lift earlier this year, but it's not completely done. Finally worked on Rella's page, although, it too, is not done. Noticing a theme here... hmmm...


Decided to combine 3 petpages into this one; might have been a bad idea with how long this is now... But yay for updating and hopefully simplifying. Also looking for the creator of the code in my goal tracker section, as I can't remember where I got it from to credit it.


Just celebrated a DOB last week, yay! Updated some goals, worked on the achievements section a tiny bit, updated the avatar section partially.


Did some formatting to the avatar sections, added a few links and removed broken ones. Added the fam's links to the flower garden.


Finally achieved 300 avatars yesterday! Also added links for my personal pages in the sitely section, like Screenies, Lookbook, Wishlist, etc.
OH! And since it's now 2018, I changed the trending section too.


Opened Dead Designs, Mobile User Dailies, and Spud sites this month. also working on finally getting the Dragon Directory going!

DOB month!

Added in the avatar section, scoreboard section, and cleaned up the bookmarks. Lots of work done that was waaaay overdue.


Oops. Just realized that I had never added the linkback buttons I'd made ages ago. They are in the sitely section if you think you'd use them.


Finally finished Marys cross-painting journey. She is a Pirate/RG/MI/Hallo/Desert/Stealth/ Faerie Krawk.
Estimated cost: 19,400,000 NP


Oh hey, I am playing again. I um... need to change some stuff, as I traded away all my pets save Draiqh and Mary and now just have dragons. Already a few of my former pixels have been frozen or changed ):


Updated the layout again. (this layout is the combination of several of tkm's offerings, as apparently I can't let stuff alone.)
Added quite a bit of former content and backdated stuff too.


Happy 3rd Anniversary Avatarable!
Avatarable has died, the majority of us have stopped playing altogether, and the way the site is being managed it's no surprise.


Happy 2nd Anniversary Avatarable!
The Avatarable Summit is in full swing; please stop by and vote! The Pet Parade will be running until the 15th, view the pets and choose your favorite.


Due today with the 2nd member of our family, so I imagine I won't be online much, as my real life babies are quite demanding of my time, and to be honest I haven't been overly thrilled with Neo lately anyways.


Recieved our first random user transfer request. Some yoyo was trying to trade Eiriarp for a Mara Eyrie. o.O


Avatarable turns 1!
We have a few fun activites going on and lots and lots of lending happening.


I got my main account back!!


Paralyzing and Avatarapalooza are merging into one entity called Avatarable; and it's epic. The entire guild is based around account improvement and avatar lending.


My main, rosemmary, has been frozen, TNT thinks that I was buying nps; but I've just had a string of nice neopians. I guess someone wasn't legit ):


I just helped launch a new guild with my new friends Luna and Ghost. It's called Paralyzing, focused on chatting, friends, and pet adoption; and you should check it out.


Avatarapalooza, my one woman show avatar lending agency, founded and initialized. End goal is to lend every item and pet up to BGC.


Boochi found us today! My Spacestation brown Grundo is now baby. Glad he missed everyone else!


Just painted my first pet since restarting; Ristra is now a fire blumaroo and she has a matching fire harris!


Had to start over as TNT decided to ice all of my accounts. Suspicion of cheating on flash games?


  • I have a ton of food allergies & and intolerances
  • I am obsessed with Monopoly
  • I have dimples
  • I wa the only one for 2 generations that had them, but no my youngest two children also have dimples
  • I love using my MAMBI Happy Planner
  • I detest makeup
  • Being a Homeschooling Parent is hard
  • I am undiagnosed OCD
  • I own over 30 Monopoly variations
  • I collect mini Christmas village buildings
  • I am a perfectionist and extremely picky
  • I probably have enough pens and pencils to outfit a village for years after the apocalypse

Happy Thoughts

My biggest love of neopets is all of the wonderful people whom I've met here over the years. Whether it's random, silly conversations, cheering each other on toward neo goals, or supporting each other through difficult times in our own little ways that we're able, some of the people I've met here have become very near and dear friends whom I cherish and appreciate to the fullest.

My hobbies:

(Coding/perfecting pages, chatting, customising, shop management, Reading to Draiqh, Training Dragox & Rulinian, and dreaming up stuff with my dragons.)
(Homeschooling my oldest son, cooking, playing with our dogs, CSS, HTML, blogging, photoshop, woodworking, sewing, beading, drawing, computer technology, reading + More)

Things I miss

  • My old guilds (PbD, Daffodils, HK, LT, RUGs, and ***licious)
  • Soroptimist and the heyday of neo-sites
  • Habitarium
  • When Neo had 10,000+ players online_
  • Classic Neohomes
  • The old Battledome
  • The bd set I had stolen from my account

Favorite Things

Favorite Faerie: Aethia
Favorite Misunderstood Character: Neopet v2
Favorite Neopets Plot: Lost Isle
Favorite Neopian Land: Altador & Brightvale
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Season: Fall
Favorite Place I've been: Lake Powell
Favorite :
Favorite :
Favorite :


The 'Trending' idea is something I saw on a friend's "About Me" page and I really liked the idea. But I am unsure of who started it, or if it even originated on the site.


  • Fave song: In the End by Linkin Park
  • Fave Movie: The Croods 2
  • Fave Show: The Crown
  • Fave Snack: ham, cream cheese, and pickle rolls
  • Fave Book: Princess and the Goblin by George MacDonald
  • Fave Hobby: doodling/gfx making
  • Fave Avatar: KADOATERY
  • Fave Game: food club


  • Fave song: Point to You by We Are Messengers
  • Fave Movie: Jumanji: The Next Level
  • Fave Show: TLoK
  • Fave Snack: charcuterie
  • Fave Book: Vitamin N
  • Fave Hobby: Sitemaking?
  • Fave Avatar: Evil Coconut
  • Fave Game: Food Club


  • Fave song: Point to You by We Are Messengers
  • Fave Movie: Abominable
  • Fave Show: ATLA
  • Fave Snack: Luna Bars
  • Fave Book: CM's Education Series
  • Fave Hobby: Sitemaking?
  • Fave Avatar: Deserted Tomb
  • Fave Game: Legends and Letters


  • Fave song: Point to You by We Are Messengers
  • Fave Movie: Ready Player One
  • Fave Show: I Love Lucy
  • Fave Snack: Fruit Leather
  • Fave Book: Hello God, it's me
  • Fave Hobby: Sitemaking?
  • Fave Avatar: BATTLE FAERIE
  • Fave Game: Ghoul Catchers


  • Fave song: Point to You by We Are Messengers
  • Fave Movie: Wonder Woman
  • Fave Show: Once Upon a time
  • Fave Snack: Beef Jerky
  • Fave Book: Dracopedia
  • Fave Hobby: Sitemaking?
  • Fave Avatar: BATTLE FAERIE
  • Fave Game: Ghoul Catchers


  • Fave song: Somewhere over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
  • Fave Movie: The BFG
  • Fave Show: Jeopardy
  • Fave Snack: cheese and crackers
  • Fave Book: The Happiness Project
  • Fave Hobby: Blogging
  • Fave Avatar: Wheel of Excitement
  • Fave Game: NQ III


  • Fave song: Fireworks by Katy Perry
  • Fave Movie: Inside Out
  • Fave Show: SuperNatural
  • Fave Snack: Chips and Salsa
  • Fave Book: Space Devils
  • Fave Hobby: Blogging
  • Fave Avatar: Battledome Veteran
  • Fave Game: Cooty Wars


  • Fave song: Leaving on a Jet Plane by John Denver
  • Fave Movie: Inside Out
  • Fave Show: Castle
  • Fave Snack: Yogurt covered raisins
  • Fave Book: 5 ♥ Languages
  • Fave Hobby: Surviving
  • Fave Avatar: Random Contest
  • Fave Game: Dueling Decks


  • Fave song: Alyssa Lies by Jason Michael Carroll
  • Fave Movie: 10 Things I Hate About You
  • Fave Show: SuperNatural
  • Fave Snack: Nature Valley Oats n Honey
  • Fave Book: Space Devils
  • Fave Hobby: Blogging
  • Fave Avatar: Battledome Veteran
  • Fave Game: Destruct-O-Match


  • Fave song: God Gave Me You by Blake Shelton
  • Fave Movie: Brave
  • Fave Show: Once Upon a Time
  • Fave Snack: Cold Cereal
  • Fave Book: 5 ♥ Languages
  • Fave Hobby: Surviving
  • Fave Avatar: Random Contest
  • Fave Game: Sutek's Tomb


  • Fave song: Summer girls by LFO
  • Fave Movie: Eat Pray Love
  • Fave Show: How I Met Your Mother
  • Fave Snack: Sugar Cereal
  • Fave Book: High Deryni
  • Fave Hobby: Travelling
  • Fave Avatar: Just... Keep... Smiling...
  • Fave Game: Shenkuu Tangram


  • Fave song: The Call by Matt Kennon
  • Fave Movie: Tangled
  • Fave Show: Grey's Anatomy
  • Fave Snack: Pretzels
  • Fave Book: With a Tangled Skein
  • Fave Hobby: Cooking
  • Fave Avatar: Must... Keep... Smiling...
  • Fave Game: Destruct-O-Match


  • Fave song: Bad Romance by Lady Gaga
  • Fave Movie: Up
  • Fave Show: Glee
  • Fave Snack: French fries (I was expecting!)
  • Fave Book: The White Gryphon
  • Fave Hobby: Reading
  • Fave Avatar: Must... Keep... Smiling...
  • Fave Game: Meepit Juice Break


  • Fave song: I Kissed A Girl by Katy Perry
  • Fave Movie: Wall - E
  • Fave Show: Two and a half Men
  • Fave Snack: Jerky
  • Fave Book: Split Infinity
  • Fave Hobby: Calligraphy
  • Fave Avatar: Must... Keep... Smiling...
  • Fave Game: Chemistry for Beginners

Trending 2008

  • Fave song: Rockstar by Nickelback
  • Fave Movie: Transformers
  • Fave Show: NCIS
  • Fave Snack: Nature Valley Oats n Honey
  • Fave Book: Dragons of Autumn Twilight
  • Fave Hobby: Blogging
  • Fave Avatar: Must... Keep... Smiling...
  • Fave Game: Destruct-O-Match

About Me


Hi! I'm Rose, and I like dragons. Any and all dragons. Their wings, scaly bodies, slit eyes, piercing claws, boop snouts, and fiery tempers. On Neopets, I was a fan of Draiks for the same reasons. Unconverted Draiks especially embody these quintessential dragon qualities, and I am drawn to them, well like a moth to a flame. My dragon-like pets currently number at 82 (all of my pets), and most of my pages are themed around them.

On site, I like to trade NC, dress up my scalies, chat on related social sites, and work on my characters, and pages. I for the most part prefer converted pets, as you can do so many things to make them unique. (Although, I do now own 7 UCs.)

I was introduced to Neopets by my husband's coworker in 2006 when I was already in my mid-20s, so while I missed a lot of the early site, but I fall into the age group it was originally created for. In real life I am a homeschooling mama of 4 kiddos of my own, 3 of which also play, along with my hubs. in the Last Frontier state. We are very naturally minded, and love living in the middle of nowhere. Our winters are cold and harsh, so Neo makes a great escape.



Female Draik
13th Nov
Male Draik
25th Nov
Male Draik
24th August
Female Draik
1st July
Female Krawk
24th Nov
Male Krawk
21st December
Male Shoyru
16th July
Female Shoyru
17th September
Female Zafara
24th July
Male Zafara
19th September
Female Ixi
18th June
Female Draik
25th September
Female Skeith
15th July
Male Skeith
13th Jan
Male Scorchio
17th December
Male Scorchio
2nd March
Male Grarrl
13th July
Female Hissi
25th May
Male Hissi
4th May
Male Skeith
28th February


Male Draik
18th Nov
Female Draik
1st August
Male Draik
24th December
Male Draik
21st Nov
Female Draik
24th December
Female Draik
21st Nov
Female Draik
4th April
Female Draik
28th April
Male Draik
14th Nov
Female Draik
24th August
Female Draik
27th June
Male Draik
19th August
Female Draik
14th September
Male Draik
24th December
Female Draik
15th August
Male Draik
5th October


Male Draik
15th April
Male Draik
23rd August
Female Draik
6th July
Female Draik
24th December
Female Draik
24th December
Female Draik
21st Nov
Female Draik
1st December
Male Draik
21st Jan
Male Draik
5th December
Female Draik
4th May
Male Draik
29th July
Male Draik
19th September
Male Draik
10th July
Male Draik
26th July
Male Draik
26th October
Female Grarrl
27th March


Male Draik
20th Nov
Female Draik
10th July
Male Draik
13th Nov
Male Draik
11th Jan
Male Draik
11th Jan
Female Draik
29th December
Female Draik
26th February
Female Draik
24th Nov
Male Draik
24th Nov
Female Draik
15th Nov
Male Draik
10th July
Male Draik
4th May
Male Draik
17th October
Female Draik
10th July
Female Draik
9th December
Male Draik
9th December


Female Draik
1st July
Male Draik
28th May
Female Draik
20th December
Male Draik
19th September
Female Draik
20th Nov
Female Draik
16th October
Female Draik
27th February
Female Draik
24th December
Female Draik
24th December
Female Draik
24th December
Female Draik
24th December
Female Draik
17th December
Male Draik
27th September
Male Draik
25th March
Male Draik
19th Jan
Male Draik
4th May

Questions and Answers

Where do your usernames come from? 
I love to cook, so after my accounts were chain frozen, (pretty sure I deserved it, learned my lesson...) I decided to use spices to name my accounts. However all my names (with the exception of chipotleh) have names hidden within from the real world.

What's your name? -- 
On-site I answer to Rose. Is that my real name? No, but I've responded to it in real life XD
You don't need to know what name my Mommy gave me, unless I decide to have more contact with you outside of Neopia.

Can I have your ...  
No, just no. I worked hard for my pets. You should work hard for your own, too. None of my pets are up for trade either!

Wait a minute; YOU'RE AN ADULT! Why do you still play Neopets? 
In case you didn't know; Neopets was originally created by Adam and Donna, and they targeted the site to COLLEGE students. When I first joined the game, that's the age group I fell into. Although the site has changed a lot over the years, there is a large player base that are adults, and many many that are older than me.

Do you have kids?
Yup, one born in 2010, one in 2013, one in 2015, and the youngest in 2019 (:

Are you a neoMillionaire? 
Most of the time, yes. Does that give you the right to ask for my hard earned items? No. I prefer to gift to people that I think deserve it. And of course my pets are very spoiled; as they should be.

It says you were online for 211 hours, are you online that much???
No. My computer is and many times I am logged in for that long. I can assure you, I am NOT online that long.

If I neoMail you, will you NeoMail me back? 
Unless you're begging from me, then yes, I most likely will. Please keep in mind, I'm not on all the time. And when I am on, I'm not here "just to chat with you."

Will you be my NeoFriend? 
I prefer to keep my nf list short and sweet. Full of people I like and chat with often. Please don't be offended if you aren't on that list or in my garden to the left.

Why did you block me?! 
Probably due to a NeoMail that was uncalled for, a really bad/scammer offer on one of my trades, or you begged for something.

Can you make me-- 
No, sorry, I don't make buttons/banners/layouts/etc for other people. Unless of course I offer (;

Can you rate-- 
Nope. I do not rate. There is no absolute standard, only my personal feelings and opinions, and you'll probably think I'm snobby and picky.

Why did you make so many petpages? 
Because this is how I enjoy my Neopets. I like to create characters, collect avatars, look at pretty pets, talk about dragons and my pets. I also like to help people when I can. I learned a lot about html and CSS from doing so over my Neo-Career.

Can you teach me HTML/CSS? 
I'm self-taught in HTML/CSS, and I believe that anyone else can teach themselves, as well. Besides, I am a horrible teacher on-site.

Will you join my Guild? 
No, I'm rather happy with the one I am in; it's called Cassiopeia, you should check us out!

How many pets and accounts do you have? 
I have the allowed 5 accounts total, with 20 25 31 pets.
Hoping for more slots soon, as I have ideas up the wazoo...

Have my account! I don't play anymore! (or) Can I have your account?  
I will NOT take anyone else's account. I really don't care if you don't play anymore. Just leave your account there incase you decide to comeback. Or if you're trying to get TNT to freeze me, you're out of luck in that area.
I will not give my account away. Everything you see on my account is something I've worked towards having. You can get it by working on it.
If you neomail me anything that's too good to be true, it probably is. And I do report these things.

Likey or No Likey



  • Species: Draik, Hissi, Krawk, Scorchio, Shoyru, Skeith, Zafara
  • Colours: Chocolate, MSP, Mallow, Alien
  • Petpets: Patamoose, Blobikins, Gwortz, Kazeriu, Ombat
  • Items: Dragonbud, Strange Metal
    Usuki, Chokato, Snow Flame, Kadoatie
  • Faerie: Battle
  • Land: Meridell and Brightvale
  • Plot/Event: Dragoyle Hunting
  • Random: Space Faerie,
    Neopian history, Neopian Times

Behind the Screen


  • Pets: Dogs, cats, fish, lizards
  • Hobbies: Digital Photography, researching, cooking, writing
  • Foods: Chocolate, Sweet Taters and gravy, STEAK, coffee
  • Season: Fall
  • Color: Purple
  • Fandom: ATLA, Firefly, Wings of Fire
  • Random: my son's giggle, my
    daughter's mischief face, snow,
    smiling at strangers

Rose Pets

Some of my friends started a fun thing, where we have pets that are named or modeled after each other, and my guild caught it, and ran with it, haha.


Gift art, adoptables, and such. Drag to URL bar for full size.

atrocity by yours truly