Hi! I'm Rose, and I like dragons. Any and all dragons. Their wings, scaly bodies, slit eyes, piercing claws, boop snouts, and fiery tempers. On Neopets, I was a fan of Draiks for the same reasons. Unconverted Draiks especially embody these quintessential dragon qualities, and I am drawn to them, well like a moth to a flame. My dragon-like pets currently number at 82 (all of my pets), and most of my pages are themed around them.

On site, I like to trade NC, dress up my scalies, chat on related social sites, and work on my characters, and pages. I for the most part prefer converted pets, as you can do so many things to make them unique. (Although, I do now own 7 UCs.)

I was introduced to Neopets by my husband's coworker in 2006 when I was already in my mid-20s, so while I missed a lot of the early site, but I fall into the age group it was originally created for. In real life I am a homeschooling mama of 4 kiddos of my own, 3 of which also play, along with my hubs. in the Last Frontier state. We are very naturally minded, and love living in the middle of nowhere. Our winters are cold and harsh, so Neo makes a great escape.

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